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2019-05-15 No puppies This time :-(, New photo of Mimi
2019-03-14 We Hope for puppies in May 2019
2018-12-18 2 New Photos of Zaphie
2018-12-17 FUTURE PLANS, Jelistaz Easter Emperor, Jelistaz Easter Masterpiece, Jelistaz Easter Miracle, Jelistaz Easter Rebel, Jelistaz Easter Mystery, Jelistaz Easter Magic, Jelistaz Easter Hope, Jelistaz Easter Glory, Jelistaz Easter Joy
2018-11-04 Växjö Jelistaz Prince Starlight BM-2 CAC, CACIB and NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION!!!

Yummie New FI CH, Trickis CAC,CACIB & BOS winner in Finland, Mimmi, Zhivago, Kiwi & News
2018-09-12 New Champion Jelistaz Yummie 
2018-06-11 New photos of the Easterlitter

The names of Easter litter: Jelistaz Easter Emperor, Jelistaz Easter Mystery, Jelistaz Easter Miracle, Jelistaz Easter Masterpiece, Jelistaz Easter Magic, Jelistaz Easter Rebel, Jelistaz Easter Joy, Jelistaz Easter Glory and Jelistaz Easter Hope
2018-05-18 5 weeks photos of Easter litter and they have got their own pages
2018-05-01 2 New photos of Yolene and Update of top ten page
2018-04-18 New photos of Yolene, Yasmine 19 months, Trickis and Zaphie 14 months
2018-04-05 Easter litter
2017-11-18 New titles for "Yummie" and "Trickis"
2017-11-04 Y-litter
2017-11-03 Z-litter
2017-10-31 Started with theZ-litter
2017-09-23 Some Updates
2016-11-08 Whippet puppies 9weeks
2016-10-30 Y-litter 4weeks photos
2016-09-13 Presenting the Y-litter
2016-08-30 Prinsen & Beatrice puppies have their own pages
2016-08-27 Prinsen & Beatrice puppies
2016-08-09 Prinsen & Beatrice puppies, puppies expected Paco x Cola Pregnancy confirmed!!!
2016-06-20 Venancia new VDH
2016-06-10 Viper new DK UCH
2016-05-08 New photos of "Lotta"
2016-05-05 Fotos of Cola, Puma, Xavier, Lotta, Maja, Tara, Bamse
2016-05-02 Our precious Teena have been bred to the striking Tolstoy!!!
X-litter got their own pages
2015-10-24 New C.I.B New C.I.B Ch Jelistaz Twenty-Five Miles
2015-08-28 Prinsen C.I.B, Whisper SE UCH, Maja SE UCH
2014-10-31 X Puppies
2014-10-13 NEW SE UCH Jelistaz Vagabond! New photos of Jelistaz Wizard "Trolle"
2013-12-09 Ch Jelistaz Thriller Swedish Winner 2013
2013-11-24 Photos of Whisper & Wigwam
2013-11-17 Titles on Tinos Babys at Rasswet's, Photos of Vena
2013-11-16 Photos of Zoia and Casey
2013-11-09 Photos of Vixen & Tazzie
2013-11-05 New photos of Shikra, Viper & Miley
2013-11-04 New photos of Wilja, Ludde & Trolle from the W-litter
2013-08-12 New photos of Wizard


New photos of Whisper, Wigwam, Winsome at 13 weeks
& Viper, Miley, Fanta and Prisma

2013-07-01 W-Litter 9 weeks
2013-06-05 W-litter pages are ready, New Photos of Pilgrim
2013-06-03 Ecza is on the horse page!
2013-05-22 W-litter 3 weeks

New Photo of Jelistaz Sweet Fairytale "Pärran" and Jelistaz Valerie"Lina"

2013-05-07 2 New photos of Bamse and 2 of Bond
2013-05-05 News from Björg and Pilgrim
2013-05-04 W-Litter 1 week photos
2013-05-02 W-Litter haw a page with photos of them newborn
2013-04-27 The W-puppies has arrived 2013-04-27, three boys and two girls!
2013-04-13 The K litter and their pages are ready
2013-04-05 Puppy page updated!!!!
2013-04-02 The L litter and their pages are ready
2013-03-19 The M litter and their pages are ready
2013-03-10 The entire N-V litters and their pages are ready

The page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION but we try it on internet for the first time, just so that Sanna and Stefan can approve the work ;-)